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Good Earphones for Under Rupees 1000

Any music will be good if you are enjoying it and a normal listener will never expect abundant details and not bothers about the minute sounds that are used in the tracks. An engaging sound which will not hurt ears even after long listening is the only thing many expect, when it comes to budget.

Does a budget constraint make you to enjoy the music?  - Definitely yes. You can enjoy the music from a good earphone/headphone, if you are not used to hi-end models. In this article, I will provide some good earphones at affordable prices.

As the Technology is increasing day by day, many new products are releasing in the market attracting with some unique specs. When I first knew about Apple, the Apple earphones were the best earphones and were very expensive. But, now the situations have changed and the apple earphones came down till 700. Still, they are not worth cent percent. Many brands are excelling in producing quality products for affordable prices.

For example, when the computers were started in the Indian market, Creative was the only company which produces quality speakers, and I remember more than 80% of the speakers were Creative’s. But now the situations have been changed. Altec Lansing has put its mark in producing quality speakers and many were more than happy with it. But now the trend is Logitech’s, Edifier’s and F&D’s.
Let’s hope much better products in the future for a bargain price.

For Below 1000 (Rupees 1k)
Many earphones produce crappy earphones for this budget; however, some earphones really shine in engaging the listeners with decent sound for the price. A quality bass with average circumstances make a normal listener happy for the affordable budget.
The first brand that comes to my mind is SoundMagic - A very good company for those who are on a budget. PL21 is one among the best, for 800 or less. This company has recently launched one more product in the market, ES18 which looks and sounds even better. ES18 is available in the market at 500 (approximately). These earphones excels compared to others in the market.

One more company that comes in my mind is JVC and their earphone named marshmallow – liked by many users. Though there are many brands, I have mentioned only the ones available in India. If you want to know other brands available in US or UK, message me through comment, I will get back to you as early as possible.

Other Suggested earphones for less than 1K

•    Ultimate Ears UE100
•    Philips SHE3570
•    JVC HA-FXC50
•    SoundMagic PL11
•    Cowon CE1

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