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Issues with Asus Xonar DX?

Why is there a mixed opinion about the same product? Why did experts create a big hype about this product through their reviews?
I would like to share my personal experience about this product and any opinions on it through comments are greatly appreciated. Let us help other Xonar users with our views.
  • Installed the hardware and drivers but the sound is not that great – Check whether you have inserted into the PCI-e slot properly. The device comes with a long metal strip which will stop it from entering deep into the slot. If the device is properly installed then it needs some force to remove the slot, check this once. If it is easily coming out even while inserting jacks with a mild force, ensure whether it is properly inserted and also try with the small metal strip provided along with the pack. 
    • Reason: The cabinet dimensions may not match with the width of the metal strip.
  • The drivers are not getting installed – This may be due to the error connecting by power pins to the sound card because DX needs an additional power to drive it. Hence, ensure that the device is properly connected to the power pin.
  • Xonar Driver got installed but the application is not displayed on the icons, or the software is not working when you try to access it – This is because of the incompatible drivers and this usually happens when you are using 64 bit OS but have installed 32-bit version of Xonar DX. So download and install the appropriate drivers.
    • Tip: The Xonar drivers are horrible at 64-bit version and have many issues in it like popping sound when you change the settings and even in the sound quality.
  • Sound is not coming in all speakers (especially 5.1 speakers) or sound is not even across all speakers – This problem occurs when there is a version compatibility issue with the OS. Try uninstalling the Xonar Driver, and try upgrading or downgrading it based on the current installed version.
  • No sound enhancement and not satisfied: Check whether the sound card is properly fit in the PCI-e slot. Re-install the sound into the slot and fix the card firmly with the help of  screws.
Please share your opinions and help other viewers of the article to get some help.  If anyone had succeeded in fixing the problem, please write us back to us.
Happy Reading…

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