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HiFi Man Re0 Review - Great Details with Amazing Highs

This is the first hi-end IEM I have purchased. Though I was bit unsatisfied with it during the earlier days of my use, it became my most preferred listening devices after using it for some days. I will be considering this IEM as my reference to review any earphones.
Price: $79 in HeadDirect site. Approx. `4300 in India.
Packing and Build Quality
The build quality keeps changing from time, so there is no point in considering it unless you see the product before purchase. The look has also changed compared to 2010 model.  I got a plastic box along with the earphones which looks very cheap and cannot be used as a carrying case. The printed yellow cover paper makes it look like a cheap one.

Coming to the accessories, this piece came with two pair of white bi-flange ear tips and 4 pair of different sized normal black ear tips. A clip is also included in the pack along with 4 pair of filters.
Sound Quality
This is the most aspect to discuss when it comes to Re0. The sound quality completely depends on the fit you get with the ear tips. I tried listening with many ear tips I got with Re0, SoundMagic, Sony etc. I really liked the new bi-flange ear tips which is shown in the above figure. Many instruments sounded musical when I used this ear tips. This ear tips I got with the replacement piece when I sent my damaged earphone to Head Direct. Size wise it stays in the middle of the long bi-flange and the short bi-flange ear tips.

It is not recommended to use with low quality songs and cheap players as it sounds damn shit with these. Efficiency will be good in 320 kbps and flac tracks.

The prime factor about the Re0s is the clarity and the smoothness. It does amazing job in delivering details. The highs are very smooth and detailed. These have the best highs I’ve ever heard in an IEM and mids are realistic. I recommend you to hear flute sounds, violin, and guitar in these IEMs. It sounds just awesome.
The main flaw of this IEM is the lack of bass. It produces bass just moderate, so when you use it in noisy environment the bass impact will be almost zero but it sounds really great in calm environments like office. Re0 is not fun to listen as it lacks the warmth and sounds very analytical due to lack of bass. So not all genres of audience will like it.
One downside of Re0 is it suffers from micro-phonics. It can be reduced a bit by wearing it over-the-ear. The bass of the earphone can be definitely increased using higher bit rate tracks as I mentioned already in the article and using a good source which can boost bass (SRS WOW HD, Mach Bass in Cowon, Maga Bass in Sony etc.)

The soundstage is just average in size and depth, with great instrument separation and decent imaging.Isolation is also average.

Off the top, I would say that the RE0 is probably not going to match everyone’s listening preferences and it is definitely not for bass heads. It sounds great with good players like Cowon and Sandisk. The voice and instruments will be very clear while watching movies. The detail is one of the big pros of Re0. Though I have not tried it with amp, I can say that it will definitely perform better with amp.

Build Quality: 7/10
Highs: 9.5/10
Mids: 8/10
Lows: 7/10

Re0 sounds great when used with quality music tracks like 320kbps or FLAC files. It sounds amazing when listing to classical and melodies.I have tried with different ear tips but many made them sound dark and muddy taking away the details except the bi-flange ear tips. For my ears the medium sized bi-flange ear tips sounded great making the sounds more musical. However, it depends purely on your tastes and interests.

I plugged  it to my Cowon C2 and Ipod Touch for testing. It sounded better with my Cowon C2.

If you like the review, please post your comments and likes on it. As this my 1st review, I may be missing some points. Hoping for more reviews in the near future.

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