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Sunrise XCape Impressive Edition - Review

Build Quality & Accessories
The build quality of IE is good, as it has a metal housings and a straight pin connecter. I’ll use this for almost 4-5 hours a day [I never handled it smooth], and I didn’t face any problem yet.  IE comes with a hard stylish pouch, so can be easily slipped in to a pocket. The pack also includes four pair of silicon flange tips, among which one is bi- flange.

Sound Quality
Let me preface the sound quality of XCape of IE edition, as “an Re0 with good bass”. Yes, this is a kind of IEM that shares similar analytical sounding as Re0.  But definitely not just an Re0. It has some colors added, which is lacking in Re0 and the bass is well defined with enough width and depth. However, these are not bass headed IEMs.

The bass has good texture and speed, but not as punchy as SoundMagic E30 and a way better than Re0. However, right tips with better seal makes the difference in bass. So, choose right ear-tips for your ears.

BASS FREAKS – consider this point before choosing, and I always suggest you to do audition before opting for it. Mids are more forward, detailed and attractive. These IEMs shine better by producing sweet and detailed mids. The guitars and violins sound lively. This is one of the big pros of analytical sounding IEMs and it impresses listeners with the detailed and sweet mids.

The highs are also good. But, I felt this part is less forward compared to the mids and lows and the less emphasis in highs is due to bass; This less forward highs - is also a pros in this IEM as it never hurts your ears even after listening for a long duration.
A slight emphasis in highs could have made this IEM a better competitor and many tracks do not drive as much details as Re0s. These IEMs lag slightly in producing highs. As these IEMs does not drive as detail as Re0s, but definitely clear than E30 and other IEMs, which I have mentioned in this blog. 

These IEMs suffer very slight with microphonics. So, it is comfortable for listening while walking or travelling.  Its ear-tip gives good seal to ears, and also isolates background noise. These are light weight and sits comfortably in ears.

It claims to produce 3D surround effect; and as per my observation, I didn’t find any big difference compared to my other IEMs. The soundstage will widen with high bit-rate tracks, and use 320 kbps or flac songs to enjoy the maximum caliber of the IEMs.

Accessories: 8/10
Build Quality: 8/10
Lows: 8/10
Mids: 8/10
Highs: 7/10
Sound Stage: 7.5/10

These are one of my favorite IEMs which produce great details and soft sound. I recommend these IEMs, who are looking for analytical sounding IEM with enough bass. Though the overall details are not that great, however, definitely a good IEM to be considered under $100 and good for longtime listening. The bass is completely dependent on the ear-tips and proper seal. So, try using different ear-tips and choose the best ear-tips for your ears.

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